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Butterfly Garden

Photo by Betsy T

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A group of Garden Club members enjoyed a tour of Well-Sweep Herb Farm.  We received commentary about the herbs and perennials as we toured the lovely garden.  Well-Sweep has a tremendous variety of lavenders, scented geraniums, herbs, perennials and fragrant plants to name just a few. The tour was followed by a picnic lunch which was prepared with herb flavoring the drinks, sandwich spreads and salads. We learned that lovage can be a substitute for celery as we sampled potato salad which contained the herb.

Following lunch we enjoyed a lecture about the uses of herbs which was enhanced with samples of the herbs to enjoy their fragrance and taste.  There was time for shopping after lunch and after the lecture but there was so much to choose from that another trip is in our future.


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Business Meeting

We discussed bylaws amendments, feasibility of an upcoming trip, Plant Sale, Flower Show and upcoming programs.

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Culinary Herb Gardening

Dr. Susan Petro presented an amazingly comprehensive program in her usual interesting and informative style. Susan began with a brief discussion of how to pronounce “herb”. She brought many herb specimens for us to touch and smell.  She also addressed our sense of taste by bringing herbal cookies and a Rose Scented Geranium cake which she prepared (it was delicious).  Members were taught not only how to grow, store and use the herbs discussed but how to prepare Rose Scented Geranium Tea (also delicious). Following the information we sampled the tea and the numerous desserts created by Susan.  Each of the attendees were given a Rose Scented Geranium plant grown from cuttings that Susan prepared in advance.

Susan Petro Herb Lecture 2

Susan Petro Herb Lecture 1


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Plant Sale

We had perfect weather for our plant sale.  Members contributed home grown plants that were labeled and groomed for sale.  We also assisted purchasers with their selections by giving them information about the plants and their use in the garden.

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Donna De Sousa, Master Gardener presented a comprehensive program about propagating plants complete with demonstrations.  The program was extremely informative for all.

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This informative program was presented by Janet Cooper-Wetherly, Master Gardener and GCN, member and Master Gardener Angel Lopez. The Master Gardeners demonstrated how to create a rain barrel by actual demonstration.  The program was followed by an optional lunch at the Cornerstone restaurant.

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