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Butterfly Garden

What a beautiful sight, the garden in the sunshine, the poppies blooming and a dedicated garden club members watering the plants.

Butterly Garden Betty P watering


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Water Color Class

Bev C taught an excellent water color class at her home. This has become a great annual tradition with a wonderful artist .

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Janet C-W demonstrated how to make pressed flowers utilizing a microwave oven.  A very quick way to do something that usually takes a long time.

Janet C-W Pressed Flowers


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Janet C-W organized a trip to the church to view the Tiffany stained glass windows which were as beautiful as expected. We saw glass that was layered to make ripples in the draped robes that were portrayed in the windows. This 3 dimensional approach is pure Tiffany.  The church has many Tiffany windows in the main sanctuary as well as other types of stained glass windows in other areas.  Comparing them at the same visit, the contrast was evident. Our visit to the church was followed by lunch at the Cornerstone restaurant in Congers.

Central Presbyterian Church Tiffany Window - by Sharon

Photo by Sharon G



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