Upcoming Programs

October 21, 2016 – The Palette in the Garden – A Presentation by Susan Petro – New City Library @ 1pm

Week of November 7th- Adopt a Family at People to People

November 7, 2016 –  Book Discussion of Claude and CamilleNew City Library @1pm

November 16, 2016 (approximately) – Garden Therapy at Nyack Manor Nursing Home

December 14, 2016 – Holiday Party at the home of Joanne S






Group Photo by Geraldine S.

Written by Loretta T.

We went to Manitoga, home of Russell Wright, designer of American Modern tableware, art deco furniture, etc. Situated in Garrison, NY in a former quarry, we walked through shaded woods, filled with boulders, moss, native plants, waves of light green ferns, to reach his house and studio. He designed them directly into the rock ledge of the quarry. The structures have green roofs, built-in elements and expansive walls of glass, offering dramatic views of the 30 ft. waterfall. He transformed an abandoned quarry pit into an enchanting swimming pool and surrounding pond.

Reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses, this house, with its large windows looking out into the woods, with boulder and stone steps in and out of the house make you feel like you’re united with nature at all times.

It was a unique experience which we all enjoyed very much!


Scenic Photos by Elizabeth T.



Janet C W demonstrated and then helped us to create lovely bookmarks which incorporated pressed flowers. Janet had the supplies and the know how to teach our group. Joanne S. assisted her with the class. Everyone enjoyed the pretty bookmarks that were created, just perfect for garden club members.

Bookmark and photo by Joanne S


This was followed by a brief business meeting and the completion of surveys about the past years’ programs along with suggestions for future programs.

A group of club members visited Seward Johnson’s Grounds for Sculpture.  The landscaped grounds, the specimen trees and shrubs and the lovely sculptures were enjoyed by all.


Florence shared her lovely home with members of the Garden Club for the afternoon tea.  Our members brought sweet and savory treats to share with all. It was a lovely afternoon.

Photos by Joanne S

As always members brought plants and vegetables as well as leaves and fronds to display and be judged.  It is always an interesting meeting with a great variety.

A group of Garden Club members braved a very hot sunny day to visit this lovely garden.

The following is a quote from Loretta about the visit to the garden: “We are beholden to Paradise because the original gardens were intended to mimic a “Paradise on Earth”.

Therefore, in order to represent the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge, 2 gigantic weeping beech trees were planted many years ago and so we sat in their bounteous shade, with their hanging branches moving to and fro in the breeze, even on that hot a day.

We are beholden to Alayne because she took her job as facilitator seriously and spoke to people at Untermeyer a no. of times before the trip date. Consequently, she was able to arrange a talk about its history and the garden designs and structures plus a quick tour with the chief gardener, Timothy, free of charge. His insights made the trip much more interesting.

 Timothy brought us to the path leading up to the Tunnel of Love which has been newly renovated.

Many waterfalls, have been built there and the rippling sound of water can be heard cascading down and around the boulders. Who knows what

improvements will be made there in the next few months? ” by Loretta


Garden Club members gathered at Liza’s lovely home overlooking the Hudson River.  The food was contributed by all and was not only plentiful but delicious too.  Everyone enjoyed this relaxed get together. The wonderful photos are by wonderful Lorna!

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