Upcoming Programs

January 9, 2017 (12 noon) – Soup’s On at the home of Helga V

February 6, 2017 – (1 pm) at the Valley Cottage Library Chocolate Tasting with Chef and Author Kim Hendrickson





Photos by Joanne S.

Several Club Members selected a family from the many letters that People to People had for families in need. Additional Members shopped for Wish Lists written by the children of the selected family. In addition Club members donated over $600 to buy gift cards for teen agers who are often left out of selections at the Joy Store where most of the gifts are for very young children. The many gifts were assembled for a photo. They will be transported by Loretta and her husband Michele to People to People at the appointed date and place. Thanks to Joanne S, Loretta T, Dorothy K, Helga V, Kathy F, Carol P, and Lorna K-S for all your help.

P to P 1

Kathy led the group in a discussion of the book From the Ground Up – The Story of a First Garden.  Many of us could identify with Amy Stewart’s experiences as she learned what worked and what did not as she developed her very first garden.  Kathy read a brief statement each of us wrote about our first garden memory.  Some were funny and some very poignant, all were interesting. Everyone enjoyed this creative presentation.




We formed carpools in advance and 30 of us went to the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park New York.  Because the group was so large we were split into two groups of 15 for the tour.  The tour took us down hallways with glass windows to look into the various classrooms.  They were making everything from beautiful cakes to rock candy and chocolate geode like formations. Lunch was delicious and enjoyed by all.  We all toasted Ruth who was responsible for arranging the trip.  Thank you Ruth for a wonderful day.


Culinary Institute Trip - November 7

Half of Our Group on Tour


CIA Fish Sculpture close-up

Close-up of Fish Sculpture at CIA made out of utensils Photo by Loretta

CIA Fish Sculpture

Fish Sculpture at CIA  Photo by Loretta



Janet C-W took members on a tour of the Butterfly Garden at Rockland Lake.  She then instructed and assisted members in decorating Fall wreaths which she had made in advance for our members.

This is an opportunity to see what our club members are growing and to have the entries judged by a panel of 3 club members.  There is always something new to see and the variety of entries is enjoyed by all.  Some members were also able to get cuttings of some of the entries.

A business meeting followed where members voted to approve our updated and revised bylaws.

Photos by Kathy F and Celia J

Florence and Walter K opened their beautiful home and garden to club members once again. We enjoyed sharing tea, cold drinks, finger sandwiches and desserts.  Most of all we enjoyed sharing stories about gardens and recipes and just being together.

Tea Group 2

Photo by Betsy T

Tea Group Photo

Photo by Betsy T