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 November 14, 2018 – Book discussion “From the Ground Up” led by Kathy Femiani and business meeting. West Nyack Library




We formed carpools in advance and 30 of us went to the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park New York.  Because the group was so large we were split into two groups of 15 for the tour.  The tour took us down hallways with glass windows to look into the various classrooms.  They were making everything from beautiful cakes to rock candy and chocolate geode like formations. Lunch was delicious and enjoyed by all.  We all toasted Ruth who was responsible for arranging the trip.  Thank you Ruth.

Culinary Institute Trip - November 7

Janet C-W took members on a tour of the Butterfly Garden at Rockland Lake.  She then instructed and assisted members in decorating Fall wreaths which she had made in advance for our members.

This is an opportunity to see what our club members are growing and to have the entries judged by a panel of 3 club members.  There is always something new to see and the variety of entries is enjoyed by all.  Some members were also able to get cuttings of some of the entries.

A business meeting followed where members voted to approve our updated and revised bylaws.

Photos by Kathy F and Celia J

Florence and Walter K opened their beautiful home and garden to club members once again. We enjoyed sharing tea, cold drinks, finger sandwiches and desserts.  Most of all we enjoyed sharing stories about gardens and recipes and just being together.

Tea Group 2

Photo by Betsy T

Tea Group Photo

Photo by Betsy T

The day began at the Seeing Eye School in Morristown New Jersey.  It is a beautiful facility with very attractive grounds.  We toured the building and had speakers from the school as well as a trainer and one of the dogs she is working with.

We then went on to the Creamery for a delicious lunch which was pre-ordered and waiting for us.  It is a popular spot and ordering in advance of the trip was spot on.

Following lunch we had a tour of the Freylinghusen Arboretum.  Mike Wilson from the Rockland County Laboratory of Cornell Cooperative Extension led the tour.  Mike worked at the arboretum for many years before joining the staff in Rockland. He developed various gardens throughout the property.  He was the perfect one to lead the tour.

This was the first year we held our picnic and the Nyack Boat Club.  Members enjoyed getting together at this beautiful spot beside the Hudson River and sharing appetizers, mains and desserts that each one of us prepared. Always a treat!

Butterfly Garden

Photo by Betsy T