Upcoming Programs

February 3, 2017 – Gardening to Attract Birds – Susan Petro – New City Library

March 21, 2017 – Cookie Contest – Valley Cottage Library

Soup’s On

Helga hosted Soup’s On once again at her very attractive home. Members brought soups to sample as well as appetizers and desserts.  This was followed by a business meeting.

Photos by Betsy and Celia

Holiday Party

Joanne S hosted the holiday party at her lovely home. Members brought and enjoyed delicious hot and cold appetizers, main courses as well as desserts.  Joanne and Joe had their home beautifully decorated for Christmas and everyone was in the holiday spirit.

Thank you to Geraldine S, Betty G and Betsy T for designing and planting the YMCA window boxes on behalf of the Garden Club.


Volunteers from the Garden Club read and selected a letter of request from a family at People to People, they shared the list with other volunteer members who shopped for the holiday gifts specific to that family.

The group of members agreed that Claude and Camille is a good read.  Kathy F. led the discussion of the book beginning with a brief history highlighted with photographs of some of Monet’s paintings. Everyone in the audience was engaged in the discussion and Kathy is a true professional and lead the group in discussing Monet his paintings and the book.

Kathy showed a painting that Monet had done after he had stopped painting and Eugene Boudin encouraged him to paint again.  It was in the Realistic style, a style that we are not used to seeing in Monet’s paintings.  He resumed painting again and enjoyed creating in the Impressionist style.


View at Rouelles Le Havre by Claude Monet in the Realistic style



Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet


Susan Petro presented an outstanding, well researched PowerPoint display taking the audience from the early drawings of gardens through to the Impressionists and Monet in particular, which was a wonderful lead in to our book discussion scheduled for the next meeting.  The photographs in the PowerPoint were highlighted by Susan’s narrative.


Villa of Livia  (30 – 20 BCE) Rome


Monet – Poppies – 1873