October 24, 2018 – Wednesday, 1 pm – Linda Chisholm will present a program about her book; “The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens”

November 1, 2018 – Thursday – @ 1pm – “Water -Wise Techniques in the Garden” presented by Mike Wilson, CCE. Mike is in charge of the Laboratory at the Rockland County Cooperative Extension – Valley Cottage Library

November 5th – (Week of) Adopt A Family (People to People)

November 7, 2018 Wednesday @ 2:30pm- Garden Therapy at Nyack Manor Nursing Home.

November 12, 2018 Monday at 12:00 noon – Book Discussion with Kathy Femiani – New City Library
“The Lost Gardens: An English Garden Mystery” by Anthony Eglin

December 13th Holiday Party at the home of Kathy F. at 4pm




This was the first time we held the Horticulture Show at the Old Stone Meeting House. We had three judges and quite a few lovely entries.  We even had a children’s activity available.


Photos by Lorna and Celia – You can double click a picture to enlarge it.

We had a beautiful afternoon together beside the Hudson River.  As always good food, good company and in addition a very interesting speaker from the River Keeper.  He informed us of the evaluation of several scenarios being planned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers most of which could severely impact the river and its’ wildlife.  Here’s a link to the River Keeper’s site: https://www.riverkeeper.org/blogs/ecology/storm-surge-barrier-plans-ny-harbor-process/



The photo of the Monarch butterfly is from Monday 8/6 and the one of the poppies is from the spring; both were taken by Bebb Stone.


We visited Betsy’s lovely hidden garden and were served lemonade flavored with a sprig of Russian Sage, it was delicious. After enjoying the lemonade and the tour of the garden it was on to our plot at the Nyack Community Garden. We donate the produce to feed the hungry.

Ann presented an excellent program in which she described the various composition techniques and rules of taking a good picture; this included the Fibonacci rule. Her PowerPoint presentation enhanced the talk with side by side comparisons of  good and bad photos, so that we could all see what worked and what didn’t.  She discussed the various functions of cell phone cameras and the enormous editing possibilities.  So many of the members were impressed with the tools available to them that had previously gone unnoticed.


Photos by Ann Kinney




This was probably the wettest Plant Sale we have ever had but members were in good humor and actively participated. We did better at this sale than the previous three years(hard to believe); but serious gardeners turned out and bought lots of plants. Notice the mud in the last photo.

Susan Petro

Susan gave another wonderful program that was very well attended by both members and library patrons.  Please not the apparel and jewelry that was right in theme with the program.