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Looking Back 2011

How to Root Almost Anything, Silent Auction and Bulbs for Sale – September 7, 2011

Dr. Alex Fitzburgh, member of the Rhododendron Society of Bergen County was our speaker. He is a very well informed lecturer that has hybridized Rhododendrons and frequently propagates them. Dr. Fitzburgh discussed various methods of propagation and demonstrated how to root cuttings. After the demonstration Dr. Fitzburgh assisted members with propagating a variety of plants. Soil, rooting hormone and containers were provided. Some key points to consider include: drainage – no excess water should be in the root zone; aeration in the rooting media which should be fluffy and non-compacted; humidity – as close to 100% as possible in the air around the cuttings; timing – take cuttings when the branch is still bendable without breaking; Hormones such as Dip and Grow should be used for broad leaf rhododendrons.

A raffle was held for some rare already rooted cuttings done by the speaker.

Following the lecture and demonstration we had a silent auction for many of Yolanda L’s beautiful plants. All the plants and proceeds were generously donated to our club. Yolanda’s plants included Passion Flowers in bloom as well as Bird of Paradise and many tropical and hardy bonsai plants. We sincerely thank Yolanda for her generosity.

Chris S offered a selection of Jan Dornbush’s incredible bulbs for members to purchase. Since his bulbs are generally available for wholesale only this was an excellent opportunity.

Dr. Fitzburgh checks Yolanda’s cutting

Selected Cutting Prior to Trimming

Trimming Cutting to just a few healthy leaves

Preparing Rooting Hormone

Dr. Fitzburgh checks Liz Y’s cutting

Barbara M and Celia with Selected Cuttings


Horticulture Show and Business MeetingJuly 13, 2011

Members brought their best potted plants, flower stems and Hosta leaves to be judged by fellow Garden Club members. This was followed by a business meeting which included the completion of surveys to evaluate the programs of the past year and to ask for suggestions for 2012. It was apparent that members really enjoyed the “two step” program (The Cloisters) which began with a lecture followed the next week by a trip to the venue. This year we are repeating this concept with a lecture about native plants followed by a trip to the Highline.

Jennifer and Charlotte Yolanda With Her Amazing Passion Flower Richard and Sharon W Joanne and Loretta

Edward Hopper Prelude: The Nyack Years – June 7, 2011

A group of Garden Club Members attended the Hopper House exhibit which featured some of Edward Hopper’s early works which were created while he lived in Nyack. Paintings included interior works of the house, scenes of Nyack as well as other early works including a painting of Hook Mountain. Some personal possessions including a paintbox were included as well. Most of those present went to Piermont after the exhibit and enjoyed lunch at the Sidewalk Bistro.

Annual Plant Sale – May 22, 2011

The Plant Sale was moved to a Sunday for the first time because of a schedule conflict with the Goosetown Fair. The day was cloudy and a bit cool but the plants and bulbs we offered brightened the atmosphere. Members provided most of the plants offered for sale from their own gardens. In addition Hook Mountain Growers sold healthy organic vegetable plants and Bumps sold beautiful perennials. Both tables were popular with the public. For the first time we had Hot Dog Donna offering light lunch selections, such as hot dogs, veggie burgers, coffee and ice cream. Our bake sale table had “delectable delights” which were prepared by our members and were popular with the public.

Getting Ready for the Sale Bulbs for Sale Hook Mountain Growers Members Price Plants Shopping for Plants

How to Propagate DemonstrationMay 10, 2011

Members attended an informative demonstration and discussion of various methods of propagation of plant material. Bill Kolvek’s nursery presented methods such as seed, cuttings and division. We were given tips and “inside” information from the commercial nursery prospective. New perennials were discussed including varieties not yet available in the market. Each member was given a gift perennial plant at the end of the discussion/ demonstration.

Plant a Tree (members planted a tree in memory of Astrith Deyrup)April 22, 2011

The Garden Club observed Earth Day with a tribute to our long-time member and supporter, Astrith Deyrup. We gathered at the Old Stone Meeting House on Friday morning, slightly cool and overcast, a perfect day for planting the beautiful Redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Ace of Hearts” ) that Betty P and Margot found. While some members dug the hole for the new tree, other members cleaned and weeded the garden and edged the beds.

As the tree was lowered into its hole, members gathered to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Astrith – it was her birthday today, and Betty P and Florence recalled her beautiful, hand painted and batiked note cards, which she sent often and with great affection. Betty P brought along a blue batik silk scarf that Astrith created. Neighbors passed by as we worked, smiling approvingly at the work, and stopped to chat. Betty and Win laid a small stone memorial to Astrith at the foot of the tree, and everyone admired Betty’s handiwork in creating it. It was a perfect day to gather to observe Earth Day, and to remember a dear friend.

Butterfly Garden Clean UpApril 18, 2011

Members participated in the annual clean up of the Butterfly Garden. Our garden sustained winter damage due to the large volume of snow which was plowed on to the site. Many of our plants were crushed and the fence and sign were destroyed. A new fence is in place now and a list of plants needing replacement has been made.

Garden Club of Nyack Flower Show – April 9, 2011 – (please click Flower Show tab above for schedules)

The 18th Annual Community Flower Show was held at the Upper Nyack Elementary school. The participation level was excellent. We had more classroom entries than in previous years. The addition of a photography category was popular with adults and children. This was the first year that we included an invitational section for individual table arrangements.

People’s Choice Award Winner

Children’s Judges and Clerks meet with Professional Flower Judge

A Children’s Entry Dedicated to Astrith Deyrup

Tree and Shrub Pruning Demonstration – March 22, 2011

Representatives of Ira Wickes Arborists gave a lecture and an on site demonstration of pruning techniques for trees and shrubs. They also distributed informative material that supplemented and reinforced the program. Although we had a cloudy day, the rain held off and we had more than 25 members participate. Everyone present agreed that this was a valuable program.


Review and Distribution of Program Books March 10, 2011

Joanne and Loretta gave an overview of the programs, trips and workshops that are planned for the upcoming year. Our theme for the year is Native plants. We wish to encourage the use of native plants which help to reverse the trend of species loss and encourages ecosystem restoration.


Trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show– March 8, 2011

Garden Club Members, Master Gardeners and guests took a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show where the theme was Springtime in Paris. The bus trip was arranged by the Rockland County Cooperative Extension and all were welcome to join the trip. The flower show was a much needed taste of spring.

Trip to New Jersey Flower Show – February 18, 2011 – Edison, NJ

Some of our members and some Master Gardeners attended the New Jersey Flower show. The theme was Broadway and the exhibits reflected the spirit of some current and some past Broadway productions. Thanks to Lorna we all had free tickets which she found on the web.


Here’s one with the elusive and rarely photographed Lorna!

Flower Show Workshop – February 17, 2011 – New City Library

A PowerPoint presentation designed by Chris took us through what’s new including our new entry cards and the photography exhibit, the schedules both Adult and Children, the various member jobs and the help that is needed to have a successful show. A sign up sheet for the show was passed around for completion. Powerpoint presenters included Ann, Celia, Joanne, Chris and Loretta. We concluded the Workshop with tips and hints from members who have received many blue ribbons over the years.


Flower Arranging Demonstration – February 8, 2011

Jeanne Nelson, Master Flower Show Judge gave a demonstration of how to create flower arrangements utilizing our Flower Show guidelines and schedules. Jeanne brings her knowledge and sense of humor to every presentation.

Presidents Council – Chris, Celia, Ann and Helga


Presidents’ Business Meeting January 31, 2011 – Submitted by Chris

After a few snow and ice storms, The Presidents Business Meeting was held at the New City Library on January 31. It was wonderful to see everyone after the holidays.

Guided by Joanne and Loretta, we set to work. One of our first decisions was to partner with the Rockland Family Shelter. An immediate need is for sheets and blankets, twin size. Members will be asked to bring laundered, gently used blankets to the Flower Show workshop, or drop them off at Joanne’s home so they can be collected and delivered.

Bev informed the group about the beautification project to the Nyack streetscape, coinciding with the Hopper House exhibit during this summer. Bev also reported on the construction work happening now at the Old Stone Meeting house and that it may be the site for a flowering tree as a memorial to a beloved member, Astrith Deyrup, who passed away last year. Chris asked members to start thinking about how the club can attract new members who will actively participate in all our activities, community projects and field trips. Anya and Joanne introduced the initial plans for the club’s Centennial, a gala party on Thursday, June 14, 2010, at the Nyack Seaport.

Dottie agreed to remind members who are chairing meetings to contact Hospitality committee members about refreshments. She will also take on the creation of an emergency telephone tree, which will be distributed to all members.

Committee Chairs provided reports on their projects. As with the Butterfly Garden, work schedules have been developed for the Community garden and for the FOR project, though members have not been assigned. Dates were given and will be included in the program book . Margot reported that little work was done last year at the YMCA, given the construction scaffolding limiting access to planters. Betty suggested that the club consider adding the South Nyack Village Hall to our community beautification projects.

The Plant Sale this year will be on a Sunday, May 22.

Finally, the club voted on a new slate of members who will serve as the Presidents Council: Ann, Celia, Chris and Helga. Everyone present expressed their gratitude to Joanne and Loretta, who have guided the club with such joy and dedication over the years.

New member Jeanette K won the raffle, two tickets to the Elmwood Playhouse.

Paint Your Garden or the Garden of Your Choice – January 13, 2011
Bev C. garden club member, artist and art teacher presented a watercolor workshop for all levels at the Rockland Center for the Arts. Everyone benefited from Bev’s instructions. There were times during the workshop that you could hear a pin drop as everyone concentrated on their own watercolor creation.

Please Contact Celia J with any questions or suggestions about this website.



Annual Holiday Party– December 8, 2010

Member Cynthi T. opened her lovely home to club members for our holiday party. Members brought appetizers, entrees and desserts for a festive holiday celebration. We brought toys for needy children which were donated to Project Joy at People to People. In addition we raffled a beautiful hand knitted silk scarf created by Helga V. and donated the $250 we raised to People to People. Our hostess Cynthis T. was the raffle winner!

Flower Arranging Program – October 21, 2010

Cathy Miller, Official arranger for the White House from 1979-2005. Demonstrated three flower arrangements for the packed audience all the while narrating in her very entertaining and humorous style. A raffle and auction followed the meeting.

Picnic – October 13, 2010

On another lovely fall day in Nyack a small group of garden club members had a picnic on the plateau at Hook Mountain Park. As usual members brought delicious things to share and enjoy. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Tag Sale – October 9, 2010

The Tag Sale was held at F.O.R. in Nyack. Approximately $1,200 was raised which will be used for gardening projects to beautify Nyack.

Mohonk Mountain House September 20, 2010

On a beautiful summer day Garden Club Members and Master Gardeners had a guided tour of the lovely Mohonk gardens followed by a picnic lunch and a visit to the garden shop.


Member Tea – September 10, 2010

The annual Member’s Tea was held at the lovely home of Sheila S. Members not only brought delicious treats and delicate tea cups but they dressed for the occasion as well. We were able to view the Club albums which illustrate our 98 year old history and enjoyed examining the engraved steriling silver awards from past years.





Horticulture Show and Business Meeting – July 13, 2010

Members entered cut flowers, plant cuttings, potted plants and branches to be judged by committee. A business meeting was held while our efficient judges reviewed the entries. This was an opportunity to discuss the programs held during the last year and to make suggestions. Following the discussion, a written survey was given to each member present to evaluate the programs of the past year and to make suggestions for future programs and trips.



The History of Medieval Gardens and Museum Art: Behind the Scenes June 9, 2010

This talk by Linda C and Loretta T was excellent preparation for the trip to the Cloisters. They discussed both “The History of Medieval Gardens” as well as the aquisition of the Ivory Cross.

Guided Tour of the Cloister’s June 16, 2010

A group of garden club members car pooled to the Cloister’s. We had an excellent tour guide who gave us background and insight to the art collection with a special emphasis on the beautiful Unicorn tapestries. The guide took us through the gardens and was very well informed about the design, meaning and use of the medieval garden.



A Visit to Lasdon Arboretum Friday, June 4th We visited the Lasdon Arboretum in Somers, NY for a flower show. This was an opportunity for club members to get ideas for our own show and to tour the arboretum. We were pleasantly suprised to see some of our own flower show judges at the show as well as a blue ribbon entry by Judge Jeanne N.

A visit to two Rose Gardens, May 27, 2010

Legislator and rosarian Bob Jackson took club members on a tour of the Veteran’s Memorial Garden in Nanuet. He discussed the various roses he was growing on the site as well as the care and pruning of the plants. Harriet Cornell, Chairwoman, Rockland County Legislature joined the tour of the Memorial Garden. Club members went on to join Bob and his wife Fran at their home to see their roses. Since the Veteran’s Garden has full sun all day we noticed some color variations in the same rose variety from one garden to the next. Following our tour Bob and Fran invited us into their home where we enjoyed some of Fran’s home baked cookies. Many thanks for sharing your garden with the Garden Club of Nyack.

Legislator and Rosarian Bob Jackson and Garden Club of Nyack Members Legislator Bob Jackson Discusses Care of Roses in the Garden

Harriet Cornell, Chairwoman Rockland County Legislator Among the Roses


Presby Memorial Iris Garden Friday, May 21, 2010

A small group of members visited the Presby Memorial Iris Garden. The gardens contain approximately 10,000 irises in 3,000 varieties that produce nearly 100,000 flowers at peak season. We visited at the peak of the season on a beautiful (but hot) sunny day. The property consists of the Walther House as well as the iris Gardens on seven acres of land; it is now designated as a historic site by the National and State Registers of Historic places. Essex County maintains the house and grounds and the citizens committee maintains ownership of the iris rhizomes. The gardens are at 474 Upper Mountain Avenue, Montclair, NJ (approximately a 50 minute drive). We met for lunch in town at a Turkish restaurant.

Links to the site including a live webcam may be found at: http://essexnjblooms.org/Irises.aspx and http://presbyirisgardens.org/wordpress/


Liz L, Padma, Celia, Adele, Sheila and Yolanda



Monday, May 17, 2010

Some garden club members worked at the Old Stone Meeting House. We weeded (and weeded) and planted shrubs and flowers to enhance the property.

John C, Betty P and Bev C Planting at the Old Stone Meeting House




Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Six members of the Garden Club of Nyack worked at the YMCA on one of our Community Beautification projects. Margot led a team comprised of Anya, Betty G, Liza, May and Sharon G; they planted flower boxes and a lovely barrel.

Betty G, Mae and Liza


Betty G, Sharon G, Mae, Liza and Anya

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Members worked very hard to make the plant sale a success; it is our primary fund raiser for our community projects. Members dug, potted and labeled plants, nutured them and transported them to the site of the sale. Members set up tables, arranged and priced plants all in preparation for the start of the sale. Members also prepared baked goods to be sold at the sale. Saturday morning was gray and drizzly and we even had a bit of a thunderstorm before Mother Nature cooperated and brought out the sun and with that the public. A final profit total is being prepared but from rough estimates it looks like it was a success. Leftover plants will be utilized for some of our projects including F.O.R. and the Old Stone Meeting House.


Adele Transporting Plants


April 24, 2010 – Hopper House Garden Clean-up – About a dozen Garden Club members as well as Board Members of Hopper House weeded, pruned, deadheaded, planted and mulched the streetside garden. When we were finished the garden really looked much improved.

Betty G. and Loretta Anya and Betty P Jennifer H.

April 17, 2010 – The 17th Annual Community Flower Show was held at the Upper Nyack Elementary School.

Loretta T – counting entries Everything Pink! People’s Choice Winner!

Click here for flower show flyerThe Flower Show set-up was Friday, April 16th; members set up the room, the tables were prepared for the entries with cloths, ribbon dividers and signs listing the categories. Entries were submitted Friday evening and before 8:45 am on Saturday. Please see Flower Show Info Tab at top of page for more information including a brief history of the show by Betty Perry.April 16, 2010 – Lynhurst Flower Show Trip (click link for flyer) The Gilded Cage Flower Show Westchester Members met at Florence’s on Broadway in Upper Nyack and car pooled to Tarrytown for the flower show at Lyndhurst. The carraige house was the setting for the Victorian themed show where we saw large, impressive flower arrangements, Wardian cases, horticultural entries as well as design and photographic entries. One clever category was Victorian hats made from plants and flowers. This was the first year that included children’s entries; all the children received blue ribbons. Many of our members thought it best to have first, second and third place. This is being reviewed by the Irvington Garden club members as well.

Victorian Hat with Lamb’s Ear band and Roses

(Click link for website): http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:gT-BDg-EXrIJ:www.hortulus.org/Content/Documents/Document.ashx%3FDocId%3D87746+Garden+Club+of+Irvington+on+Hudson&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjytNYJk2ea4wEZyIH_EfwhkMGt90MRAMNbvjPcsvHq1tSsw2hecsXa0ECmztGnreOt3CfgXh2fEIuojC8L_pzDGeX5TJfJ0VmP0eN9fs-xZ3aNYrYE7j982_So90MTFV0YJzUR&sig=AHIEtbRngbE3xz6oenIDzfjajp5imVEUZw April 12th – Butterfly Garden Clean-up
Members helped to get the Butterfly Garden off to a good start for the season with a clean-up which incluced weeding and pruning. We participated in a plant exchange at the conclusion of the clean-up. Springtime EssayAnya sent a link to a lovely springtime essay written by a friend’s daughter. Enjoy!http://www.themorningnews.org/archives/new_york_new_york/persephone_in_the_park.php March 17th – 10am-New City Library -A workshop was held regarding the various jobs at the Flower Show. We followed three different entries from the moment of entry to placement and judging. It was an excellent review of all the jobs involved which make the flower show flow smoothly. Members were encouraged to assist with public with questions and to be prepared to offer explanations regarding the show and the club.

Chris S., Sheila S. and Ann E. Judge Plant Entries


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Each year at this time the Garden Club of Nyack selects a family (from People to People letters) to do a wish list fulfillment. Our thanks to Joanne, Loretta and Liz Y who made the selection and shopped for the various items requested. The family chosen is comprised of five children being raised alone by their grandmother who lost her job two years ago.  All of the children were physically and mentally abused by drug addicted parents and suffer from the effects of this abuse. Items on the wish list which was fulfilled include pajamas, pants, sweatsuits, socks, jackets, a leapfrog game, a necklace, hat, scarf and gloves.

Loretta, Betty G and Liz Y and Celia returned to People to People to help pack gifts. At this time of the year we give thanks for our many blessings and our ability to help others.

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Annual Holiday Party

Cynthia T hosted the holiday celebration at her lovely home. Every member brought their special dish which was enjoyed by all. A raffle was held for a beautiful scarf made by Helga. Dottie D was the happy winner.

Helga & Dottie D (winner of beautiful scarf made by Helga)

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