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Looking Back 2012

December 5, 2012 – Annual Holiday Party

Cynthia T welcomed club members to her lovely home once again. It was an evening that was really enjoyed by all. November 27, 2012 –  Business Meeting &  Introduction to Mushrooms Program by Margot. A variety of topics was discussed.  Betty P spoke about the Soup Angel’s and suggested that the Garden Club of Nyack include them in their list of supported charities.  Members present voted to donate $250 this year. – Loretta presented the People to People “Adopt a Family” letter that was selected. This letter was shared with members. GCN will fund the wish list. – The proposed slate of officers for 2013 was presented. Chris S and Celia J for Co-President Carol P for Treasurer Ann E for Corresponding Secretary Sharon G for Recording Secretary – A discussion was held regarding the duties of the Recording Secretary and the need to maintain minutes of meetings including the  Executive Committee and the General membership meetings. A vote for the 2013 officers will take place at our January 16th meeting. The damage to the Butterfly Garden due to Hurricane Sandy was presented by Betty P. Members have continued to work at the BG to restore soil that was washed away by the storm. The town delivered top soil last week; help is needed on Monday, December 3rd to finish the project. – Celia introduced a discussion regarding the feasibility of reducing the size of our Program Guide which was followed by a discussion and vote. The size of the book has grown from 18 pages to 52!  The need to be a “greener” organization, the increased use of computers and emails, the need to revise and update the club schedule during the year and the inability to schedule library space a year in advance pushes us to reevaluate.  We can put detailed meeting information on line and save many pages. But, we  will not publish certain information on line such as member names and contact information. Members present voted to continue the book but in a reduced size. – African violet leaf cuttings and instructions were given to members who will enter the propagated plants at our March 2nd Flower Show. – Margot presented a slide presentation of common varieties of Mushrooms found in the Northeast. She photograhed a huge variety of mushrooms which were all found within one hour on her New Hampshire property. Thank you Margot for stepping up to fill in for our Mushroom expert. All present came away with an increased appreciation for the huge variety of mushrooms that can be found in our area. People to People donation: We received a lovely letter of thanks from People to People for the 81 pounds of food we donated to them.  Click the following underlined area to read the letter.  People to People Letter 5 12

November 13, 2012 – Garden Therapy – Nyack Manor Nursing Home
October 4, 2012 – “White Glove Tea” at Florence’s
 We had an enchanting afternoon in a beautiful setting with an incredible assortment of tea sandwiches and scrumptious desserts but that was only a small part of this lovely event.  Florence shared her home with club members once again for this elegant tea.  The setting is beautiful; Florence’s home was once owned by one of the early Garden Club of Nyack members.  This was the appropriate setting for our Centennial year tea. Everyone enjoyed the good company, delectable delights and interesting presentations of member’s collections and objects from long ago. The weather cooperated once again and the rain held off until after we all went home.
Loretta, Lorna, Mary Ellen and Liza
Ann E, Sondra and Karen
Betty P’s Photo of a Long Ago Tea
Some of Our Delicious Choices
Betty G, Carol P and Loretta
Ann E’s Child’s Game Saved from the Holocaust
Celia and Antique Kingfisher Feather Hair Ornaments as Dorothy D Looks on
Florence and her Flower Pot Coffee Mug
Arlene, Lynn, Helga and Anya
September 20, 2012 – “Scientific Nomenclature, Why Bother?”
One would think this sounds as if it is an exceedingly dry topic but Susan P presented this topic in an interesting and even entertaining manner.  The program was enhanced with an attractive PowerPoint presentation that actually compared a Royal family’s genetic traits to that of the plant world.  Susan discussed the history of scientific nomenclature including Carl Linnaeus and his contemporaries.  She gave examples of plants that could be confused with each other if only the common name was used. Susan went on to give examples of plants using their genus, species and cultivar. When this method is used the plant is easily identified. I learned that when the term “officianalis” is used in a plant name it refers to a medicinal use and that it was sold in apothecary shops. 
As  I looked around the room during Susan’s lecture,  I realized that all eyes were fixed on her and that I could hear a pin drop  while she was speaking.  
Susan P
September 12, 2012 – Tour of Well-Sweep Herb Farm
This family owned farm is now in its’ 43rd year.  Cyrus Hyde (owner) took us on a tour of the farm which has 1,951 varieties of herbs and perennials. Louise provided us with refreshments as we toured the farm.  We took a break  for lunch  following the tour and of course we shopped for plants too.  This was followed by a lecture and demonstration of pressed flowers presented by Linda Conrad and assisted by Dorothy Kovak. Linda has won ribbons at the Philadelphia Flower show for her pressed flowers and is now a judge in that category (judges may not enter). Although they had several types of commercial presses,  Linda uses a very simple system utilizing a phone book.  She places the flower between the pages of the phone book and then weights them utilizing books.  In about three weeks the flower should be dry and ready to use. We learned to use flowers picked later in the day when the flower is dry and no long has the dampness of the morning dew on the petals.
We were provided with paper, mats, Elmer’s glue, toothpicks and a very large assortment of already dried beautiful flowers to make our own pressed flower picture.  Everyone went home with a self created treasure as well as the herbs and perennials purchased from the farm.  

Pressed Flower Design by Joanne S

An August Morning in the Butterfly Garden

Betty P enjoying the blooms in the Butterfly Garden
Oleander Aphid Eggs on Milkweed in our Butterfly Garden

Horticulture Show and Business Meeting – July 11, 2012 – FOR

Members brought the best of their gardens to display. The room was filled with flowers, Hosta leaves, Fern fronds all in prime condition as well as pristine plants including lovely tropicals. Unfortunately we have no photos of the beautiful Horticulture entries that were on view. At the business portion of our meeting we discussed the following: We welcomed new member Pat E. Members completed our annual opinion survey of the year’s programs during the meeting and a copy was sent to members who could not be there. Ann E collated the results of the 21 surveys. The results are arranged totaling the (1’s & 2’s), excellent & good, in descending order: (it must be kept in mind that if only a small number attended a particular program the results could be skewed. Flower Show-19, Centennial Dinner-19, Plant Sale-17, Holiday Party-17, Horticulture Show-16, Flower arranging Demo-15, How to on Garden Design-14, Distribute New Program Bks.-14 President’s Business Meet-14, Member Tea-11, Butterfly Garden-11, Picnic-10, Native Plants-9, Highline Park-6, Landscape Watercolor- 5, Be Santa’s Helper-4, Garden Therapy-2 We voted to increase the dues to $25 for Active members and $30 for Associate members. We had reports regarding our Community Beautification Projects. Frieda explained how to dry flowers for arrangements at the nursing home on Tues. Nov. 13. If you have dried flowers to donate, please contact Frieda before that date. Carol B. explained how she presses flowers at this time of year. One of the most reliable is the Hydrangea. Photos of the Centennial Dinner & Picnic were passed around at the meeting. If you take photos at our GCN meetings or events please send them to Loretta and she will add to the album. Members were reminded to check photos on our blog. Members can double click to enlarge photos or right click a photo to get a copy of it.

Member Picnic – 4:30 pm – June 22, 2012 – Central Valley

Harriet C, club member and Chairwoman of the Rockland County Legislature invited our club members to her lovely home in Central Valley.  As always the selection of appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts were wonderful.  They were only exceeded by the good company and welcoming host.

Centennial Dinner- A  celebration of the Garden Club of Nyack’s 100th Anniversary – June 14, 2012

The dinner was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of our club which was founded in the summer of 1912.  Some of our members wore a token of the time while others were in complete costumes. Florence spoke to members and guests about the community involvement of the club and of our efforts to beautify the community.  Miriam spoke next about a part of the history of the club and how it evolved from an organization that was not inclusive to the inclusive, welcoming club that it is today. During World War II the club encouraged the planting of Victory Gardens and was awarded a government citation in recognition of its efforts. More recently Garden Club created and maintains a lovelyButterflyHabitatGardenby the river in Memorial Park.  It has also contributed plantings to the YMCA, to the Hopper House and the Liberty Street School historic marker site, the Old Stone Meeting House, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. And of course there have always been flower shows.  Our  Community Flower Shows each spring offer opportunities for members, school children and the general public to exhibit their plants and creative designs.  Our annual Plant Sale lets us share the treasures from our gardens with the community at reasonable prices. And through our meetings and activities we also grow friendships with ‘kindred spirits’, as Katherine Pomeroy so ably expressed it.

Annual Plant Sale  – May 12, 2012 – – 10 am to 2 pm – 507 North Broadway, Upper Nyack
Perennials and shrubs from members gardens were sold as well as organic seedlings from Hook Mountain Growers and Perennials from Bumps & Co.   The club offered free garden lectures to the public.
Cottage Garden Program – April 25, 2012 – 1 pm –  F.O.R.

A group of about 30 members gathered together for Amy Ziffer’s presentation: Adapting a Classic Garden Style from Olde England to New York. Amy, a published freelance writer and photographer and former editor of Fine Gardening Magazine presented an informative and visually appealing program complete with a suggested plant list.  She took us on a visual journey (via PowerPoint) as she created a beautiful garden in Connecticut.

The program was followed by an Indoor Plant Sale.  Members brought plants to donate to the club, they were sold at very reasonable prices.  The sale raised just over $100.

Butterfly Garden Clean-up -April 16, 2012 – – 9:30 am – Memorial Park, Nyack

Spring arrived early and so did our members who did a beginning season clean-up of the Butterfly Garden. The weather was golden and many hands made light work.

 Flower Show  –  March 31, 2012 – Upper Nyack Elementary School 

Forty of our members attended the show; a total of twenty-eight entered at least one exhibit in the Flower Show.The exhibitors incluce: Betty P., Richard D., Frieda H., Florence K., Adele Y, Loretta T., Karen K., Celia J., Carol P., Yolanda L., Janice K., Liza A., Bev C., Jeanette K., Margot L., Anya T., Dorothy D., Jennifer H., Betty G., Arlene F., Ann E., Joanne S., Sondra H., Helga V-W., Mary J., Sharon G., Sharon Q., Ann E.
Best in Show for Horticulture -Yolanda L. Best in Show for Design–Helga V. and Sondra H. People’s Choice–Yolanda L.
Blues for Design–Dorothy D., Richard D., Jennifer H, Adele Y., Anya T., Frieda H., Margot L., Florence K., Helga V.Blues for Horticulture – Yolanda L., Yolanda L., Loretta T., Bev C., Frieda H., Florence K., Adele Y., Celia J.
Our thanks to Eileen F.’s husband, Frank, for playing music from the early 1900’s during the show. It helped to set the mood.
Best in Show for Children with Mom in the Background
Best in Show – Horticulture entry by Yolanda
Distribution of New Program Book – 1 pm New City Library- March 1, 2012
Our co-Presidents Joanne and Loretta reviewed the plans for our upcoming year including Centennial activities for 2012 as well as our planned Asian theme for 2013.  Some highlights include a Cottage Garden Program and plant sale, the Centennial Dinner, a Member Picnic, a visit to Well- Sweep Herb Farm, a lesson in Botanical nominclature and all about Mushrooms. We are all looking forward to a wonderful gardening year.
Soups On – 11 am -February 28, 2012  – As reported by Loretta T:
The food was top notch but the company was equally enjoyable.It was such a treat. Helga’s homemade bread and her mussel soup were superlative but also excellent were other soups contributed by members such as eggplant, carrot/ ginger, minestrone and squash to name a few.Helga made appetizer pillows of cheese enveloped in pastry shells so we shouldn’t starve, and for the same purpose, Betty G. brought deviled eggs with bacon and Margot, although ill, ran over with some strawberry mousse treats.After lunch Helga served flourless chocolate cake, baklava and a delectable fruit salad which were excellent.Two new members Linda L and Joan T were very impressed and wondered if all of our meetings were like this. They were introduced and asked to tell a little about themselves and we found them to be very interesting and lovely people.
Flower Arranging – February 21, 2012  pm at F.O.R. as reported by Loretta T
There were about 22 members present   including Miriam! We were all so glad to see her. Liza’s art show was up and so members enjoyed viewing all the familiar Nyack houses she has painted.Jeanne N did her usual amazing arrangements. Arlene won the first raffle again.  But, there were three other arrangements that were also awarded.  Yolanda brought in a 3 ft. plant fromAsia to show.It was covered with purple/lavender/white flowers and of course, in gorgeous condition. “Do you have a greenhouse?” was the question asked. “No” Yolanda said simply. Jeanne was amazed!
Thank you to the Garden Club from the People to People family we were able to help:
“Dear Donor,
Another year that your generosity has made possible for me with my kids to have a holiday. Thank you it is not enough but God bless you- People like you make a difference.”
Presidents Business Meeting – 1 pm – Valley Cottage Library January 18, 2012

We had a packed agenda for our business meeting. Revisions were made to the Garden Club’s by-laws by Mary J, Chris S and Celia J.  The by-laws were changed to be more reflective of our club and of the present time. Sexist language as well as limiting criteria for membership were removed. The revised by-laws was approved unanamously. Elections were held for the office of President.  In honor of our Centennial year Joanne and Loretta have agreed to serve for 2012.  Committee reports were presented and discussions were held regarding the Flower Show, a proposed trip to Well Sweep Farm and the Centennial celebration.  A raffle for an open ticket for the Elmwood Playhouse was won by Arlene F.


January 10, 2012 – Paint a Simple Landscape in Watercolor -Rockland Center for the Arts

Bev C treated some of our members to a watercolor class.  As many of you know Bev is a gifted artist and generously shares her skills with our garden club.


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