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Looking Back 2013


 Looking Back 2013

Theme – Asia

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(Photos contributed by Lorna, Margot, Marie T & Celia)

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December 11, 2013 – Annual Holiday Party – At the home of Cynthia T. -Cynthia T welcomed 30 members plus 6 male guests to her lovely home for our holiday party. As always the dishes created by our members were wonderful.   Helga donated a beautiful scarf for our raffle which was won by Liz Y; Lynn L’s lovely calendar was won by Cynthia. The club made $200 for People to People.   New this year was our entertainment; two school children, Madison (Dorothy De N.’s granddaughter) and Grace (Cynthia’s daughter) sang holiday songs for our group. Their singing was really enjoyed by all those present.
November 29 – December 1, 2013 – Adopt a Family, People to People- Wrapping, delivering packages.
November 12, 2013 – Garden Therapy
November 6, 2013 – Trip to Black Meadow Flora, Orchid Growers, Chester, NY –Eighteen club members carpooled to the nursery. The trip was organized by Linda L. Everyone agreed that they a lovely day.  Many in the group purchased orchids, some for the first time.
An interesting talk followed by a question and answer period was presented by nursery staff. It was noted by Yolanda that many of the orchids came from Asia which fit our 2013 theme perfectly. Members enjoyed a tasty lunch at a local restaurant (Christopher’s Bistro) with a very friendly and accommodating staff.
cut orchids close up orchid nursery speaker 2
 Loretta, Carol L, Linda L orchid nursery Carol P Helga and Padma
 photos at Black Meadow by Lorna
November 4-8, 2013, Monday – Friday – Adopt a Family via People to People
October 21, 2013 – 1 pm – The Subject is Asia – Korea,  Business Meeting and Houseplant Sale – F.O.R. – Liz Y presented a video that she took on a trip to North Korea, a place where very few Americans have ever been our will have the opportunity to see. She and her husband were guests of the North Korean government.  We saw very young children walking in the street with no apparent adult supervision. They appeared to be safe and the roads had few cars. We saw school musical programs which were very well rehearsed and obviously took many hours of regimented rehearsals.
This was followed by a plant sale of houseplants donated by members.  We raised over $100 for charity.
October 7, 2013 – 7 pm – New Members’ Social –  A small group of new and “newish” members met with Committee Chairs and enjoyed an informal gathering.  As usual the food served was amazing. After enjoying our meal we met to discuss the Garden Club, the Community Projects and the various committees. New members were asked to get involved in order to keep our club growing and thriving. We have added “after work” hours in order to encourage more participation in our community projects.  Members made suggestions for next year which include a garden glove exchange program (lefties wear out left glove and have a good right one, righties do the reverse) the good glove could be traded, suggestions for visiting gardens and specialty nurseries within a one hour drive. 
 IMG_5173    IMG_5174       
October 3, 2013 – 10 am – Yoga for Gardeners & Decorating with Found Objects  – Valley Cottage Library
Holly C. led out group in a Yoga session.  It was a lovely way to begin our day. Some of our members were experienced In Yoga, others were not but everyone enjoyed the session.  Holly did so well that the members requested that we have group sessions for our Garden Club on a regular basis.  Holly will look into an appropriate venue and will get back to us with the information.
Holly's Class  Holly
Florence K. demonstrated how she uses found objects (many were found along the Hudson shore) to use as decorations. She showed us interesting and beautiful pieces of wood and plant life that spent time in the river and took on new shapes. Florence added some dry floral material here and there and the results were charming.  We discussed having a member display of decorating with found objects at a meeting or one of our shows.
Florence and MembersFlorence
September 26, 2013 – Japanese Garden Visit, Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Six members visited the Gardens and enjoyed a wonderful tour which was enhanced by an informative narrative given by a friend of Ann E.
September 18, 2013 – 1 pm – The Art of Ikebana-Ikenobo Flower Arranging and Business Meeting – New City Library –
The program was presented by Professor Toshio Okimatsu, Vice President of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society of New Jersey, He gave us an introduction to three styles of Ikebana arrangements from one style which uses only three elements to a free form style which is very different. He explained that the origin of Ikebana goes back 550 years in Kyoto, as a Buddhist floral offering. It has been passed down through generations and spread throughout Japan and the world.
Scroll Preparing Arrangement arrangement 3 3 windows 

September 10, 2013 – 1 pm – Origami Demonstration and Business Meeting – F.O.R. – Linda L. demonstrated the art of Origami.  She showed us some lovely origami jewelry that she created and discussed some wonderful books for instruction.  She taught the group how to make a basic box form and then went on to make a bird. The group did well with the box and then tried to duplicate the bird form Linda demonstrated. We laughed at our mistakes and tried again, the more we tried to have our “birds” look like they were in flight, the more we laughed at our failure.  It was  an extremely enjoyable session.  Linda was very patient with our clumsy efforts.

July 9, 2013 – A visit to Florence K’s Garden – Florence invited club members to visit her garden which was at it’s peak with hydrangeas in bloom and perennials looking their absolute best.  As always her garden was in pristine condition; a joy to visit.

Florence's Garden 7 13

July 8, 2013 – Butterfly Garden

While working at the Butterfly Garden a propspective new member joined us to work at weeding and thinning some plants.  The first photo shows the four leaf clover she found in our garden and she is handing it to Ann E.  Moments after finding the four leaf clover a mother duck wandered into our garden with five of her fuzzy, little ducklings. Perhaps the clover brought us good luck. (click photo to enlarge)

4 leaf clover cropped ResizedImage_1373319154287 ducks cropped MG_20130708_100541_959_edited-1

June 21, 2013 – 3 pm – Member Picnic – at the home of Harriet C

Picnic at Harriet’s by Loretta T It was a warm, staid day down below, but after driving up that long and winding road to her home, we alighted to cool breezes and quiet, in a setting harmonious with nature. Harriet greeted us and was a gracious hostess throughout our stay, inviting us to roam through her pleasant, interesting house with much built-in furniture, art work, arched ceilings, surprise closets, many windows and styling reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright. Both Elaine A. and Betty G. brought bouquets to Harriet which she placed on the main table and on the baby grand. Huge, blue, Japanese irises, pink foxgloves, rose colored peonies, white hydrangea… The food was wonderful, starting with appetizers, wine, bird song and fun conversation out on the back patio. We looked out past a bluebird house, a curving Kousa dogwood, white with bloom and green fields as far as the eye could see. Harriet provided the main dishes of salmon, baked cherry tomatoes, sweet meatballs, corn pudding, avocado salad and also Sharon W’s rice noodles with mushrooms. This we ate in the living room, flooded with sunlight, classical music playing in the background. The desserts were wonderful with Betty G’s key lime pie being one highlight, among many. A good time was had by all 16 members and we said our good-byes to Harriet, waving to us from her walkway at about 7 pm.

Harriet's view Harriet's Loretta and Harriet Harriet's Loretta and Betty G Harriet's Betty G, Karen K, Sharon W, Pat E Harriet's Salmon Photos at Harriet’s by Marie T

June 13, 2013 – 1 pm – Horticultural Show and Business Meeting F.O.R.

This is always a very good meeting.  Members bring prize plants they’ve grown in their garden and home. We get to see a real variety. Judging is less formal than the Flower Show; the difficult task was done by members of our own club.  While the judging was going on, a business meeting was held. We discussed contributing funds to the Upper Nyack Elementary School PTA as well as the playground in Memorial Park. Discussion took place about the contributions as well as the difficulty securing Flower Show Chairs for 2014.  Members completed surveys about the programs of the past year.

Horticulture 5 Horticulture 4 Horticulture 3 Horticulture 2

May 11, 2013 – Annual Plant Sale -at the home of Florence K – 10 am to 2 pm

We enjoyed a wonderful day for our plant sale.  As usual members of the public were lined up before our 10 am opening, eager to find a treasure to bring home to their garden. The bake sale table was well stocked with tempting delights.  Within 2 1/2 hours most of our plants were sold and by the end of the day we had very few leftovers which were brought to F.O.R. to store and use there and at some of our other sites.

a plant sale a  a Plant Sale in Progress

April 29, 2013 – 1 pm – Hypertufa Planter Making Workshop and Business Meeting – F.O.R.

Barbara D. Master Gardener presented an informative hands on workshop about hypertufa planter making.  Everyone was asked to attend in their oldest clothes as this was a messy workshop.  We began with a talk by Barbara which was illustrated with photos and explanations.  We enjoyed refreshments inside. This was followed by a brief business meeting. We went outside and then set about mixing the Portland Cement and peat moss with water to create the mixture. Gloves and masks were worn during this process.  Everyone had two boxes of unequal size which we covered in plastic sheeting and then pressed the mixture into the form. The smaller box saved space for the central planting area.  Our group of members agreed that this was a great activity to do as a club project.

Hypertufa 1 Hypertufa 2 Hypertufa 3

April 24, 2013 – Hopper House Garden Clean-up at 1:30 pm

A group of members helped to weed and clean-up the front beds of Hopper House. As we worked we enjoyed the beautiful sight of the Daffodils and the Yellow Star Magnolia tree, we planted, in bloom.

April 22, 2013 – Earth Day – Memorial Park – We celebrated Earth Day by planting a lovely Amelanchier tree across from our Butterfly Garden in Memorial Park. Children from the local Headstart program entertained us with a poem and a song.  They also participated by helping us clear the rocks in the area surrounding the tree. One of the common names for the Amelanchier is the Shadblow tree.  It is said to bloom when the Shad run in the Hudson (a wonderful link to its’ location near the river).  The tree marks our Centennial year. The planting was delayed by one year because of revisions to the park. Thank you to Betty P and Margot for leading the project and to Liza for creating the Centennial sign. (pictures to be posted)

April 17, 2013 – 8:50 am – Celebrate Chinese New Year – Trip to Flushing, Queens

Sharon W and Yolanda lead a group of 25 members  on trip to the Asian area of Flushing Queens.  We visited the Sky View shopping mall with a wonderful Asian Supermarket.  The large variety of exotic items kept us in awe as we filled our shopping baskets. We went on to the Grand restaurant which is know for their dim sum.  We enjoyed sharing a variety of foods as Sharon W and Yolanda translated for us.  After lunch we walked and shopped for plants, vases and assorted Asian objects. Flushing is an area that is so close to Rockland but in so many ways a different world.

April 8, 2013 – 9:30 am – Butterfly Garden clean-up

Members helped to clean-up at our Butterfly Garden and prepare it for Spring.  They raked gravel out of the borders and redistributed it along the paths, dug up bucketfuls of Lesser Celandine, pruned Buddleias and weeded planted beds. Margot provided a delicious apple cake and lemon ginger tea to our hard working crew.  Our thanks to Betty G, Anya, Joyce, Liza, Karen, Padma, Marie T, Yolanda, Betty P, Jane and Celia for helping to get our garden ready for spring.  Betty P requested donations from members of echinacea, rose campion, monarda and phlox.

Anya and Betty G
Anya and Betty G

April 4, 2013 – 1 pm – New City Library – The Subject is Asia – India followed by Business Meeting

Padma  and Chris S spoke about Indian customs and tradition; they presented a beautiful slide show of a traditional South Indian wedding. Members enjoyed trying on saris, bindis and bangles.

The business portion of the meeting emphasized the need for Flower Show Chairs for 2014. The plant sale sign up sheet was passed around for sign-up for work and for baked goods. A trip to view the lilacs at Skylands on May 13th was discussed.

Padma and Sondra in Beautiful Saris
Carol, Lorna, Ann, Loretta and Sharon
A Rainbow of Colors – Carol, Lorna, Ann, Loretta and Sharon
Chris wearing her lovely salwar kameez

March 14, 2013 – 11:30 am – “Soup’s On” at the home of Helga V.

We were welcomed to Helga’s lovely home where we were greeted with the fragrance of a lovely variety of soups contributed by Helga and members of the club. The tom ka gai soup which was made by our host was absolutely amazing. A brief business meeting followed our sampling of the delicious soups.

IMG_4672IMG_4673IMG_4675IMG_4676Living room

March 6, 2013 – Philadelphia Flower Show with Master Gardeners

Some of our Garden Club members joined the Master Gardener Trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  We were transported by bus from Rockland directly to the show.  The Theme this year was “Brilliant” which focused on Great Britain.  As always there were beautiful exhibits and the judged area had everything from the familiar to the rare and exotic. The vendors were numerous, many members returned with full shopping bags.

Philadelphia Flower Show

March 2, 2013 – Garden Club of Nyack Annual Flower Show -Upper Nyack Elementary School

Our 20th annual flower show was well attended; one hundred seventy-two (172) members of the public visited the show.  We were fortunate to have so many creative and beautiful entries.  It’s been said that the quality of our show increases each year.

Thirty-eight (38) of the fifty-two (52) members of the Garden Club worked at and/or submitted at least one entry to the 2013 show.

Adult Horticulture Best in Show and People's Choice
Adult Horticulture Best in Show and People’s Choice

Blue ribbons were awarded to Yolanda, Joanne S, Margot, Sharon W, Miriam W, Frieda,Karen K, Liza, Florence and Betty P.

Yolanda’s magnificent orchid entry won Best in Show for Horticulture as well as People’s Choice. Margot won Best in Show for her beautiful teapot arrangement in the Design Category. There were forty-two entries in the Children’s Division; twenty-one (21) received blue ribbons. Congratulations to all!

Amaryllis Entries - All grown from the same variety bulb
Amaryllis Entries – All grown from the same variety bulb
 Dorothy D, Ann, Bev C
Child's Entry
Child’s Entry
Children's Division - Best in Show
Children’s Division – Best in Show
Children's Recycling Entry
Children’s Recycling Entry

115 (2)       117 120                          tea potsMiniaturesFeb. 19, 2013 -Tues.1:00 pm- Floral Design & Business Meeting – Barbara Cohen Chinsky, Master Floral Designer, presented a program about floral arranging in anticipation of our Flower Show next month. She created several lovely arrangements including a topiary design, a tulip arrangement as well as an arrangement in a Chinese Take-out container which is Category 11 in our 2013 Flower Show. We raffled two of the arrangements and raised $50 for People to People.

Barbara Joanne Loretta Betty G

Topiary Design

February 13, 2013 – 12 noon – The Subject is Asia – Sharon W welcomed members to her beautiful home which was decorated for the Chinese New Year. She and her daughter-in- law Sophia demonstrated the technique of making Dim Sum as Yolanda assisted. Sharon prepared a tasty filling for the dumplings and members filled and pressed the dim sum into shape as Sharon pan fried and then steamed our creations. Of course, we all enjoyed eating the dim sum after the process was completed. We watched a video from China, as Sophia translated, about the interesting and beautiful plants a women grows from Chinese Vegetables.  She reminds us to look at the vegetables in a creative way, envisioning their potential for beauty. Yolanda showed us a stunning, four paneled embroidered screen.  Each panel represents a season. Yolanda showed us the live version of each one depicted on the screen.  The embroidery was not only delicate and beautiful but both sides were finished with no knots or joined threads visible. A brief business meeting was held.


Helga, Sharon, Ann and Liz Y
Sharon W Sharon W

Celia & Chris 2

                                                 Carol B, Yolanda, Lydia and Linda L

YolandaJanuary 16, 2013 – 1 pm – President’s Business Meeting & “Taking the Fear Out of Growing Orchds” at F.O.R.  Liza A presented the candidates for the 2013 -14 slate of officers.  The membership unanimously approved Celia J and Chris S as co-Presidents, Carol P as Treasurer, Ann E as Corresponding Secretary and Sharon G as Recording Secretary. Some of the member paintings created at Bev C’s class were on display as well as a fragrant Wintersweet plant brought by Yolanda which is used to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Upcoming programs were discussed as well as the establishment of a knitting group for interested club members. The schedule for the Flower show was distributed.  It can be accessed by selecting the “Flower Show Info” tab at the top of this page. Celia J presented a PowerPoint presentation about orchid growing which included photos of a variety of orchids that can be grown by beginners at home with a “how to” about re-blooming your orchids.

Catleya Orchid edited


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